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Here are some seasonal menus

that represent the best that

each season has to offer in Tuscany.

Spring Menu

Crostini di Fave
Fava beans are gently simmered then pureed with a little butter, cream and salt and pepper and served on toasted Tuscan bread

Asparagi alla Fiorentina
Roasted asparagus topped with a poached egg and plenty of grated parmigiano

Risotto con Piselli Verdi
Short grained Arborio rice is cooked in the style of a risotto and combined with fresh spring peas, minced red onion, butter and parmigiano

Baccala' alla Fiorentina con Ceci
Gently fried pieces of cod nestled in a fresh tomato sauce and served with the traditional accompaniment of chickpeas

Pollo con L'erbe
A deceptively simple dish of chicken, rosemary, sage and white wine that yields an incomparable sauce

A layered delight of mascarpone cheese, espresso dipped ladyfingers and chocolate

Summer Menu

Salvia fritta
Fresh sage leaves dipped in a simple batter and fried until crispy-lovely with a glass of chilled white wine

The traditional bread, tomato, onion and basil salad served throughout Tuscany at the height of tomato season

Fagioli con Tonno e Cipolle
Creamy cannellini beans are tossed with olive oil packed tuna, red onion and parsley and dressed with red wine vinegar and olive oil

Spaghetti al Limone
Spaghetti dressed with a delicate basil and lemon infused cream sauce and small slices of cooked ham

Rigatoni con Peperonata
Short tubular pasta dressed with the summer's finest red and yellow peppers slowly stewed to highlight their amazing sweetness

Crostata Rustica con Panna Montata
A free formed country pie baked with seasonal fruit and whipped cream with a dash of Fra Angelico liquer

Fall Menu

Crostini ai Funghi
Assorted mushrooms sauteed with olive oil, marsala and thyme

Acquacotta Casentinese
A simple, thick peasant soup from the high mountain valley called the Casentino southeast of Florence

Gnocchi Di Zucca Gialla con Burro e Salvia
Butternut squash dumplings dressed in a butter and sage sauce

Salsicce e Fagioli con Broccoletti
Tuscan white beans served with sausage and sauteed broccoli di rape

Filetto di Maiale
Pork tenderloin rubbed with Dijon mustard, chopped fresh sage, rosemary and garlic and served with a white wine pan sauce made from roasting juices

Pere al Vino Rosso
Pears poached in red wine and spices served with home made ricotta

Monte Bianco
Pureed chestnuts with chocolate, rum and whipped cream

Winter Menu

Crostini Bianchi
Anchovy caper butter served on toasted Tuscan bread

Crostini di Fegatini
The ever popular and ubiquitous chicken liver spread served on toasted Tuscan bread

Risotto alla Toscana
Short grained Arborio rice cooked in the style of a risotto which yields a creamy rice accompanied by a rich meat sauce

Farfalle con Cavolo Nero e Pecorino
Butterfly shaped pasta served with sauteed black cabbage and shaves of pecorino cheese

Pollo Affinochiato
The oldest known Italian chicken recipe dating back to at least the 14th century in which chicken is simmered with pancetta, almonds and fennel seed

Patate al Forno
Potatoes roasted with olive oil, rosemary and sage

Cantuccini di Prato
The ultimate in wine dipping biscuits found throughout Tuscany

Any one of the seasonal offerings can be used to prepare a menu suitable for a simple lunch, a family dinner, a quick causal get together with friends or an elegant dinner party. This cuisine is elegant in itself and when all the flavors are chosen for their harmony with one another the result is an unforgettable experience.

Andiamo cucinare! Let's get cooking!